Husqvarna 1600/1640 LA caliber change

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Husqvarna 1600/1640 LA caliber change

Inlägg av Galdu »

Hi, and greetings from Finland!

Has someone done hva 1600/1640 cal 6.5x55 rebarreling to a larger cal. Ie. 6.5x284?

I talked with a local gunsmith some time ago and he told me that the 1600 -series lock should generously bear the pressure. He said that one major thing is the 3rd locking lug (located in the back part of the bolt), other is the strength of the metal (greatly stronger than 1900 mauser bolts).

Asking out of curiosity. Just sent my 1600 to gunsmith for rebarreling (70 cm 6.5x55). I've been following this forum for some time now. User "Dansken" writings of the bedding job to boyds stock were a great inspiration to me. Bedding the whole action (+rear pillar) was not an easy job, but end results really made me happy :)

Great forum!