Ban Bacon?

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Ban Bacon?

Inlägg av Corjack »

Written by Corjack

I do not smoke, and have thought at times in the past, that banning smoking would not affect me, as a non smoker. But after giving it a lot of thought, my thinking it would not affect me may be incorrect. If we ban smoking, the activist will get bored, and look for other harmful things that need banned.

Bacon is loaded up with lots of really bad stuff, that probably kills more people in the world than smoking. Excessive use of bacon causes obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and works in conjunction with other ailments, and addictions, including smoking, to drastically shorten the human life. It causes misery to family members, and loads up the health care system, adding to the high cost of medical care. At the very least bacon should be considered a controlled substance, available by prescription only. If you have friends, or family members in the grip of bacon addiction. You should report it to the authorities, so treatment can be done.

Now the paragraph above seems silly, but it really is not. Looking at the current climate wanting to ban Ar15s, and high capacity mags in the US. A lot of firearms owners do not feel that not being able to buy these items as much of a loss, but the problem with this is, WHERE WILL IT STOP. First you can not buy these items, then they will limit ammo, then reloading components, then hand guns, then rifles over a certain caliber, then the quantity of firearms you are able to own. Then repeaters of any sort, then hunting of any sort, then archery, then darts in the pub etc. etc. etc.

Now I realize that there are folks in many countries that all ready have laws like those in the above paragraph, and that is sad. But I theorize that liberal gun laws in the US, actually helps gun owners in other countries. It is harder for other countries to push further antigun laws, when their citizens are fully aware of the liberal nature of US gun laws. Many countries such as Russia, and a lot of the old republics, had very strict laws, and they have backed off of these in the last few decades, making access to legal ownership of firearms more realistic. Other countries such as India, are fighting for gun ownership rights, and seem to be gaining ground.

I put out to our readers, that if the US enacts tougher gun laws, it will be a quick downward slide, that will affect gun ownership internationally. Laws in Germany, Australia, Sweden, India, Spain, Russia, and many other countries will only get tougher. Ground gained by advocates for legal gun ownership in some of these countries will be lost.

Liberal gun laws in the US, help balance out conservative gun laws in other countries.

Owners, and advocates of legal, responsible gun ownership need to stand with others, no matter what country they are from, as these issues will more than likely affect our group as a whole.

If US legal gun owners loose, legal gun owners in many other countries will loose as well. As it will upset the balance internationally. It might not happen overnight, but it will gradually happen.

Now I do not mean this as an insult, toward our European friends, but many Europeans have the frame of mind, that "this could never happen to me", but several wars, occupations, and other really miserable issues, were caused by a whole bunch of people who refused to believe "this could never happen to me".

A soccer team that only guards the goal will always loose the game. A person who locks himself in his house with his family, when he feels threatened, is just making himself, and his family, a fixed, non moving target. Not standing up for yourself, or others who you have ties with, always means you will loose something in the end. Offense is always the best defense, history has proven this time, and again. Offense does not mean you have to be offensive. Stand up for yourself, speak the truth, and be honorable, this is usually, all it takes.

Always remember good leadership skills makes you a good follower, as you always tend to follow, the more honorable paths, forged by others of your sort. Persons that merely follow, and do not include leadership thought processes, as part of their mental diet, are often following blind, unknowingly following paths, forged by dishonorable persons, or groups.

Please stop thinking "this could never happen to me" and give this some thought, and what ever you do, and never let the bastards ban bacon!
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Re: Ban Bacon?

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You have a point in what you are saying with this words.
Mvh Twinn
Blaser and 9.3's go together like hookers and politician's.

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Sv: Ban Bacon?

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You speak the truth Corjack.

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