beaver drink

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beaver drink

Inlägg av janno »

is there anybody who can suggest the recipe for beaver gland drink?
have heard quite a number of legends about the stuff, castoreum.
but the recipe seems to be a well kept secret.
google says, you swedes seem to have a tradition of "bäverhöjt".

I am experimenting now with the inside stuff of 4 beaver glands, put on a 1 litre of vodka.
will keep it for a couple of weeks and see if the result is drinkable.

anyway, it would be useful if somebody has a recipe to share, not to invent the bicycle again... in a private message, maybe?

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Re: beaver drink

Inlägg av Regnskog »

I think that you should do as planned, stated in your question above and then,

within 3-4 weeks from now return to us with a message about the outcome,

last time I had a try at that stuff I could taste it in the back of my throat for more than a week aftervards.

Do handle with care.
Jag är för servering och utskänkningstillstånd på våra skjutbanor

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Re: beaver drink

Inlägg av Raggarö »

I´ve seen recipes stating:

Cover the beaver- glands in vodka, let it soak for 1 month. Use this essence to flavour your shot.....

It seems that you have made 1 litre of bäverhojt - Enjoy :roll:

Enligt en viss klärvoajant forumist är jag inte ärligt intresserad, vilket tyvärr mitt track record tydligt pekar på.......

Jag har tydligen inte något Internet-vett....

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Re: beaver drink

Inlägg av Stefan.K »

I have no idea of how you make this kind of drink?

What I DO know is that it tastes absolutly horrible!! :shock:

And yes, the taste stay in you mouth far longer than you would like it to do :wink:

It´s like putting your tounge on frozen metal! You do it once, and then you no what happens and avoid it in the future! 8)
Stefan K

Den beska smaken av dålig kvalitet sitter i bra mycket längre än det låga prisets sötma!

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Re: beaver drink

Inlägg av Corjack »

Sounds disgusting! Why ruin good Vodka?
There are no fleas on the 9.3s

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beaver drink

Inlägg av SimonH »

Dry the glands in open air for a month or more.

Put it in vodka for another month or more. You only need one.

After some time the vodka will get a whisky-like color and can be used to flavour your vodka shots.

Amateurs drinks it pure.