Small Terrier

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Small Terrier

Inlägg av Corjack »

Ok guys, since your English is a lot better than my Swedish, I have a friend looking for a small terrier type hunting/companion dog. He likes my little rat terrier, but she is about 9 pounds. He would like a little larger dog that would weigh in the 15 to 20 pound range. He would like a breed of dog that has some natural hunting and tracking skills. I have went through your forums and saw pictures of a few of your guys dogs, and noticed a few breeds that he may be interested in. Any advice would be apreciated.


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Re: Small Terrier

Inlägg av puppjulle »

how much is a pound?
What will he use the dog for?
you could look at the german hunting terrier." onclick=";return false; link to the jagdterrier club of america.

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Re: Small Terrier

Inlägg av Westy »

You could try a Jack Russell Terrier or a Parsons Jack Russell if you want slightly longer legs, they tend to be in the 15 -20 lb range (6+Kg) and work well with what you describe and are lovely companion dogs full of character.
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Re: Small Terrier

Inlägg av perikles »

Try a Border Terrier. A superiour hunting buddy in forests and fields. Mine is used for driven hunts for any game and is used at everything from squirrel to moose. I also use her for fetching birds on land and in water. She is also trained to track wounded game and if the size of the game is smaller than roe-deer she takes it by the neck and holds/kills it by herself. Just be careful if your neighbours keeps cats, rabbits or other pets since those are considered as legal pray.