Hi from Belgium! Looking for info on a Hsq 20

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Hi from Belgium! Looking for info on a Hsq 20

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Hello! As mentioned in the topic title I'm from Belgium, and I like history and old weapons, also modern air rifles like FX, BSA, ...

In the little old gun collection of a Dutch friend of mine, I saw this short side-by-side Husqvarna shotgun, model 20 (or rather, 20S) which I think is from 1913 (or 1912).

Actually, I already made a post about it, before finding out there's also an international part to this forum. I'm looking for more info on the stamps, and maybe also some possible explanation for the fact it's quite short.
The post can be found here: viewtopic.php?p=3426424#p3426424 , and the post after that has some pictures.

Thanks in advance!