New set of Blaser BBF97 Barrels

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New set of Blaser BBF97 Barrels

Inläggav Corjack » 31 okt 2009, 03:19

Well I finally got my new set of barrels for my Blaser BBF97 ordered today. I ordered a set of 20 gage/9.3X74R barrels. I all ready have dies and a considerable amount of brass on hand, so as soon as they get here I will be ready to rock and roll. I have been extremely pleased with the accuracy of my current set of 20 gage/6.5X55 barrels. I think the two barrel set will cover a lot of different hunting situations.
There are no fleas on the 9.3s
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Re: New set of Blaser BBF97 Barrels

Inläggav Cazorp » 31 okt 2009, 03:30

Sounds great, a friend of mine has 9,3x74R on his D99, last week he shot a fox in full swing, somehow the fox transformed into two smaller foxes, so if you plan to hunt anything smaller than red fox it might be just a bit too much punch for the job ;)

May I ask how much was a new set of barrels for the BBF97?
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