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buy or trade: Swedish & Finnish rifle parts/accessories.

InläggPostat: 01 sep 2013, 22:08

I am trying to complete a Swedish Target Rifle CG-80 and need a buttplate assembly (with or without aluminum base), please.
Thank you.
I can PayPal you, or trade for items/parts you need. I am in USA.

Re: buy or trade: curved target rifle buttplate (Swedish CG-

InläggPostat: 01 sep 2013, 22:17
while we are at it, below are other items I am trying to locate. Thank you.
this is what I am looking for presently:

CG-80 buttplate (have a curved aluminum stock plate on mine, without an actual buttplate or hardware).
Swedish Range disks and trajectory plates for 6.5x55 Mausers.
swedish M58 sight with windage adjustment
swedish SI-GA with an open sight (vs tunnel) blade
swedish Soderbergh sight
Swedish Sundyberg sight
Swedish long naval sword/bayonet (for M94) - M1867 Sabre, M/15,
Swedish original top stock mount little unit discs
Swedish dual dial Tunheden micrometer rear sight
Swedish J-F sight
Swedish enlarged RUBBER bolt handle knobs (slip over)
Riktmodell sight trainer (swedish)
Swedish M94 leather scabbard
Army Control brass tag (Swedish)
Swedish CG63-22 complete bolt and/or any parts for a bolt.
Finnish unit disk reading: TVET A SKY (SK.Y) - found on M96 swedes

Finnish M28-76 correct scope+mount combination (with or without a scope can/case)
Finnish M28-76 5-piece diopter INSERT set (have 3-piece, want to try different ones)
Finnish M28-76 retention screw (one that goes thru the rear diopter and into the receiver) for a single stack sight.
Diopter piece (ocular) for Finnish M28-76 - single stack.
two correct slings and one handstop sling swivel for Finnish M28-76