Reasonable Goals

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Reasonable Goals

Inläggav Corjack » 10 feb 2012, 03:09

I was thinking today, and was in a kind of mood to ponder life, and what it takes to be happy. We are under a lot more stress, and live a much faster life, than that of our ancestors. Life was hard in the past for many of them, but a simpler time seems to be less demanding of ones soul.
I remember a line from the movie, and book, "The Hunt For Red October", the Russian officers in charge of a submarine were defecting to the US. One asked another what he would do when he finally got to the US. He replied, "I will live in Montana. And I will marry a round American woman and raise rabbits, and she will cook them for me." I have often thought this to be a fairly profound statement. It is a most reasonable, and attainable goal. Fat American women are everywhere, and if you find a skinny one you like, you can always fatten them up. Raising rabbits is also rewarding, as it is not very difficult, they are tasty fried, or on the grill, and you do not have to pay any expensive vet bills, as usually when a rabbit gets sick, it is doomed, and just dies, without making much of a fuss.
I suspect we sometimes set our goals so high, that we fail more often then we should, and then get in a rut, of not setting any goals at all. If you set reasonable goals, and have a high success rate, I think you will go further in life, be a happier person, and possibly have considerably less stress.
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Re: Reasonable Goals

Inläggav Rolf » 10 feb 2012, 09:14

Nicely put Corjack!

There`s two kind of people in the world, at least the way I see it, and that`s the ones who live to work and then there`s the ones who work to live.

Me? For sure the latter.

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Re: Reasonable Goals

Inläggav alexb » 10 feb 2012, 09:22

You probably need the small reachable goals, as well as the dreams that most certainly will never come true. But I agree that the way we consider success is sometimes the reason for misery. A big luxurious house is worthless without life. To me that means my wife and children.

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Re: Reasonable Goals

Inläggav Diddas » 11 apr 2012, 00:51

It's a very thougtworty approach to life, without a doubt.
There are those of us who actually might achieve our goals, and then there are women. :mrgreen:

In my case it's a house out in the woods not too far from the civilisation, one or a couple of descent huntingdogs och a truckload of peace and quiet..

I'm starting to wonder if having a family really is my cup of tea since i really don't appreciate being bossed around past workhours but find extreme gratification in being able to do what i want, when i want without bitching and moaning.

Depressed and cynical, me?
Naaaaahh.. :mrgreen:
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