Cartridge Poetry

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Cartridge Poetry

Inläggav Corjack » 09 aug 2011, 22:28

There has not been a man,
that was ever alive,
that would not apreciate,
the great 6.5X55

If you would like a round,
With efficiency, you can see,
The best I have found
Is the 8,5X63

If you do not want to die
To experiance heaven
On your next field trip
Hunt with an 8X57

If you like knocking down game
With a large, medium bore
What you probably need
Is the 9.3X74
Also, the recoil is tame
And it won't make your shoulder sore

If you lack imagination
and want a round, with accuracy, great
all you really need
Is a rifle in 308

If you want to buy ammo,
In town, or in the sticks
You probably should hunt with
the honorable, Springfield, 30-06

While their accuracy is good,
They seem to make most shooters gag,
There is no reason the should,
Of course I speak of the Short Mag

If you want a rifle,
Accurate, and nimble as can be,
You will never be sorry
Shooting a 223

If you want a rifle
to shoot small groups from afar
with great accuracy potential
short, and simple, the 6mmBR

A very old cartridge
With recent interest anew
It knocks down large game
Without turning your shoulder blue
It is a cartridge, of Otto Bock fame
The most excellent 9.3X62

Bad guys and good
should never trifle
with a highly trained marksman
Shooting his M14 rifle

One neat little round
You never should scorn it
It is rather petite
but packs a punch, pound for pound
5.6X36R, alias, 22 Hornet

If you want a gun, with a good bit of clout
capable of taking, a distant deer or a stag
you would have to know, I am talking about
the ever so popular, Weatherby mag
There are no fleas on the 9.3s
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Blev medlem: 03 jun 2008, 17:17
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Re: Cartridge Poetry

Inläggav Matterunken » 07 okt 2011, 21:04

Haha.. Great words. :D
17HMR, 22LR, 22WMR, 22HORNET, 222REM, 223REM, 5.6X52R, 6MMBR, 6.5X55, 6.5-284, 308w, 30-06, 8X57 och KAL 12X70.
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Re: Cartridge Poetry

Inläggav k-Hornet » 07 okt 2011, 23:08

Poetry at its best! :mrgreen:
A Smith&Wesson beats four aces

I think you're a good person and a good debater. But I -still- think you have a stupid opinion.
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Re: Cartridge Poetry

Inläggav Diddas » 02 sep 2014, 05:16

If you want raw power at a resonable price
for moose to elk or even lice
choose your gun like a broke poor sailor
and go with the versatile .416 Taylor

Värdesätt dina dagar i skogen, i slutet har de varit för få.
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Re: Cartridge Poetry

Inläggav tecno » 02 sep 2014, 09:33

Corjack skrev:There has not been a man,
that was ever alive,
that would not appreciate,
the great 6.5X55

One neat little round
You never should scorn it
It is rather petite
but packs a punch, pound for pound
5.6X36R, alias, 22 Hornet

You are so right about it ;)
mvh tecno

Tikka T3 Sp+RCC Carbon 50S+IOR 3,5-18x50

DS sida/sida ala tecno >>bygge i 9.3x57RSE<<
Hos mig köper du Dolphin Partmaster CAD/CAM
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