Swedish Stripper Clips to Australia

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Swedish Stripper Clips to Australia

Inläggav 456eec » 11 sep 2017, 06:13

Hi Guys
I am in Australia and shoot a Model 38 Swedish Mauser here. I am looking to buy 3 boxes (120) stripper clips for sale to the many other Swedish Mauser shooters here. I have been getting them from the USA but export restrictions are now making it difficult and postage is very expensive. It seemed to make the most sense seeing if I could get them direct from Sweden.

If someone could suggest a seller there who I could order them from or if anyone has some they would send I would be appreciative.


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Re: Swedish Stripper Clips to Australia

Inläggav sune35 » 11 sep 2017, 16:02

Dear Justin

Welcome to the forum.

I could not find any stripper clips for sale in Sweden right now with the exception of 10 rusty old ones.

The establishment below has a large range of spare parts for the Mauser M96 -38. It could be a good idea to contact them, as they should know, if they are available at all in Sweden.

Homepage in English

http://www.stockholmsvapenfabrik.se/zen ... 6a8e6b07be

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